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How to configure your ServerSpace Backups in Windows
Posted by Tom Chantler on Thu 26 March 2015 16:54
  1. This knowledgebase article details how to configure your ServerSpace backup using the ServerSpaceOBM tool for windows.

    If you have taken out a Backup Service with us, please use this KB article to help install, configure and maintain your backups.

    Downloading and Installing ServerSpaceOBM

    1. Navigate to
    2. On the left hand side you should see a menu, select  "Getting Started with ServerSpaceOBM" and then select "ServerSpaceOBM installation wizard".


    1. A new window should appear (if it does not make sure you allow an exception for this in your pop up blocker). Select the Windows Operating system icon from the top and then select "Download ServerSpace Online Backup Manager".
    2. Once downloaded, open the file called "obm-win.exe" and run through the installer using all defaults.

     First Time use

    1. When you open the application for the very first time, you will be prompted to make a user.The first screen you will get is the one shown below. Click next to move on (All the details you need are already filled in in this section)


    1. On the next screen you will be prompted to make a username and password. This can be anything you want but make sure you fill in all the details required. If you are seeing this screen and already have an account with us, select "Already a user?".


    1. Once you have made your account you will be prompted to log in.  You will be prompted to make your first backup set. Run through the wizard which will ask you what type of backup you want to do, what files to back up, what time to run the backup etc.
    2. You will notice on login that you are a Trial user and don’t have the correct amount of storage. At this point please contact ServerSpace support so with the username you used so we can upgrade the account and attach the correct amount of storage.

     Configuring Backup sets

    1. Open the ServerSpaceOBM application and login.
    2. You should now be presented with the screen below. Click the little cog in the bottom left to start configuring your backups.


    1. This is the configuration menu. From here we can create new backups, remove backup sets etc.


    1 - Selected Backup Set. This is the backup you are currently configuring, this is a drop down menu which you can select multiple backup sets.

    2 - Add/Remove Backup Set. You can add multiple backup sets, use the "+" to add a new backup set. For instance you could have a File Backup and a MySQL backup set under the one account by adding two backup sets. If you click "-" you will remove the currently selected backup set.

    3 - This side menu allows you to change the configuration of the backup set selected. So you can change the scheduler which changes when the backup will automatically run, you can change how long you want to keep old copies for (retention) the default is 7 days but you can lower or increase this. You can make a local copy, add Pre and Post commands to the all from here.

    4 - This is where you input the changes for each of the sub menus.

    1. Once finished, hit "OK" at the bottom and make sure you save the settings before you quit. This is done on the Main Menu (first screen you see when you first login) and is located at the top.



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